Compliance with International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC PSSP)

Grievance procedures

In accordance with the guidelines laid down by the ICoC PSSP, of which Henderson Risk Limited (hereby known as The Company) became a signatory on 1st October 2012, the Company has instituted a transparent grievance procedure to address any future or potential claims alleging failure by the Company to respect the principles contained in this compliance state and the Code brought by Personnel or by third parties.
The Company has established procedures for our personnel and for third parties to report any and all allegations of improper or illegal conduct to designated personnel.  This procedure includes any acts or omissions which may violate the ICoC.
Should a third party have reason to believe that any improper or illegal conduct or any violation of the ICoC has occurred, they should in the first instance contact the Company by email, at the address listed below:
Henderson Risk Limited takes the established principles contained in the ICoC PSSP extremely seriously and will thoroughly investigate all claims or allegations that might be made.


Henderson Risk Limited