Crisis Management

Kidnap for Ransom, and Maritime Piracy

Kidnap for Ransom, and Maritime Piracy

Global Kidnap Experience


HRL has extensive current experience in Response to Kidnap for Ransom and Extortion.  We have been retained as a crisis response provider within the Lloyds Insurance market for over 12 years.  All cases are directly managed by the in-house crisis management team, and HRL do not use sub-contracted or freelance consultants. 


The Response Team is led by Case Officers with combined experience of more than 130 years and over 200 incidents successfully resolved.  These have taken place in most Latin American countries, as well as in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Pakistan, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Nigeria.  All of our team members have specialised kidnap resolution training, and are drawn from relevant backgrounds including law enforcement, special forces and intelligence agencies.


Team members have also taught Crisis and Hostage Negotiation training in Colombia, Mexico, Budapest, Bangladesh, Croatia, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Germany.  Additionally, our K&R responders have a depth of investigative experience, and have conducted multiple kidnap fraud investigations on behalf of clients and underwriters.  HRL’s extended network of support consultants allows us the flexibility to manage multiple cases concurrently and globally.



24/7 Availability and Global Reach


The Henderson Risk team operates worldwide from locations in London, Miami, Colorado, South Africa and Thailand and can respond to any location in the world, often within 24 hours.  HRL have an outstanding record in successfully recovering victims.  We provide a crisis coordination team to manage all aspects of an incident and HRL response services provide immediate support and guidance to individual families or corporate clients who have been affected by a kidnap or extortion.


Should an incident occur, clients with HRL-backed policies can contact HRL directly via our dedicated 24/7/365 multilingual emergency response service – the Response Team will respond to the incident immediately.


Additional Services


Our response services extend into the maritime sector providing incident and logistic support to vessels seized by pirates.


Our repatriation service provides advice and physical support to clients where safe recovery or evacuation of personnel is necessary.


HRL Kidnap Brochure - English


HRL Kidnap Brochure - Spanish



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