Continuing nearly two decades of interaction with  Lloyd’s of London we have developed a capability that answers the need for the management of ‘Active Assailant’ insurance products.  Our team is selected to ensure a balance between pre incident planning and post incident support and management.  This is a global capability with emphasis on the US and UK market.

At Henderson we have developed a full Active Assailant service and support programme. The programme is designed to provide policyholders with specialist Active Assailant prevention and management services including pre-incident assessments, response procedures, emergency call centre and messaging services, post-incident PTSD and trauma support and crisis communications management programmes.

Man with knife - Active Assailant - Henderson Risk
Crowd outside building - Active Assailant - Henderson Risk

Managing the risk of an Active Assailant incident is an unfortunate yet necessary consideration for many businesses and individuals in today’s unpredictable and volatile world. Recognising that the incidence of violent and terror attacks has increased in recent years, Henderson offers insurers, policyholders, institutions, corporates and individuals the peace of mind of a comprehensive Active Assailant programme extending from pre-incident surveys and training through to post-incident recovery and support.

Working with accredited specialists and practitioners, we deliver programmes that are fully compliant with national guidelines in the USA and UK, including Department of Homeland Security and National Counter Terrorism Security Office guidelines.  Our own teams have direct experience of Active Assailant response management, providing C-suite advice to leading companies at head office, and deploying crisis response professionals onsite to the event to provide necessary support services including retrieval of personal possessions, recovery of staff and repatriation of victims.

Services we provide include:

  • Pre-incident assessment of crisis response plans, site risk and vulnerability levels, along with consultant-led training in crisis response and Active Assailant preparedness
  • Incident response services, access to specialist 24/7 crisis consultants providing specialist advice and single point liaison between media, insurance and other stakeholders
  • Crisis communications, PR support, digital communications and media relations for reputation protection and enhancement
  • Support for interaction with government agencies via a trusted network of specialist service providers
  • Specialist advice on family matters and liaison, including PTSD and emotional trauma, transport and recovery of personal property, repatriation and funeral arrangements
  • Practical assistance and guidance with relocation, restoration of daily routine, search for alternative work/business premises, demolition and re-structure.
  • Post-trauma remembrance event and exit strategy planning
  • Ongoing support following discharge from initial emergency support service care
  • Incorporation of learnings into future security planning, emergency and crisis preparedness.
Grieving woman - Active Assailant - Henderson Risk