Information Security, Advisory, Recovery

Information Security, Advisory, Recovery

As technology becomes a growing area in both business and personal affairs, security services available to address new challenges are failing to keep up with the demand. We can offer our clients a range of management, remediation and protection services which tackle both the common cyber security issues, but also a range of higher-level services which enable our clients to be ahead of the curve. Some of the cyber services we offer our clients include:

  • Security infrastructure review & advice including benchmarking against industry standards.
  • Penetration testing services to test the robustness of internal and external security controls & associated
  • Technology security reviews for clients creating software & hardware to ensure security by design.
  • Specialist training services covering security awareness, data protection, secure coding practices.

Our approach to cyber security ensures that clients need only make one call and the combination of our internal staff, partners & a network of trusted professionals will be on hand to ensure that the cyber security requirements are addressed with an appropriate level of priority and focus that Henderson Risk has built its reputation on.

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Paul has a background in engineering and board level management gained in the construction, engineering and automotive sectors. Raised in Zambia and educated at Trinity Dublin, he brings a wealth of experience to the board. Prior to joining Henderson Paul was Chairman of Grey Security Services in the UK and established a joint venture with Bell Technologies that focused on the delivery of remote site security management.


Group CEO

Duncan founded and built the Group. Prior to his business career he spent 17 years in public service as an Officer in the British Army and with the FCO. Over the years he has spent considerable time involved in the delivery of all the current service offerings in the company. He has spent considerable time living or working in the Balkans and Africa.


Group CFO

Rupert is a Deloitte trained Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser. He has advised the Board since 2013 and has been a member of the Board since 2017.


DCM, Director

Peter joined the Group in 2008 as an Operations Manager and joined the Board in 2017. A former RSM of the Special Air Service, Peter brings huge experience and applied common sense to numerous complex situations.