Research, Investigations, Intelligence

Bringing greater clarity and understanding of people, places and situations is essential to formulating an appropriate course of action.

We conduct due diligence and investigations on companies and individuals in emerging markets and frontier markets including Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans to uncover the insights that support the decision-making process of our clients.

With a combination of specialist open and public source research, industry and territory knowledge, and access to a tried and trusted network of investigators, analysts and local sources, we regard no task as too small and have assisted many clients over the years in the resolution of issues that require tact, diplomacy and the utmost discretion.

Services we provide include:
  • Political Risk Analysis: independent assessment of geopolitical, national, local, regulatory and security risks.
  • Enhanced due diligence/supplier due diligence: on client companies, partner companies, individuals, competitors, suppliers, political exposure and reputational risks. We enable clients to comply with international and national regulations including sanctions risks and anti bribery and corruption laws.
  • Stakeholder mapping: in support of influence projects and new ventures, stakeholder mapping clearly lays out the local social and political factors and identifies key stakeholders including businesses, governments and individuals.
  • Media and political monitoring services: to support understanding of the operating environment on a social, media and political level.
  • Asset tracing and dispute support: we are able to trace business and personal assets in support of legal or private disputes, ranging from source of wealth enquiries to missing commodities, commercial or personal assets.
  • Private, corporate and fraud investigations: on partner companies, individuals, politically exposed people or in support of fraud or corruption within an organisation.

Case Study


An international supply chain and commodity management company suffered a large commodity loss from a facility in West Africa.


We investigated the loss using experienced expatriate investigators and local security staff.  After determining that the collateral had been unlawfully removed during a period of national uncertainty, a security audit was carried out on the premises and the function of the operation, making recommendations to improve the physical security at the site.


The support provided to the client allowed them to continue operating with their in-country partners, and reassured stakeholders including banks and insurance companies that the operation was being managed in a secure and commercially viable manner.

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