Above Ground Risk

Our clients need to focus on their core activity be it mining, infrastructure or oil and gas projects. Our core activity is to deal with the issues that left untreated can de- rail even the best of plans.

In a perceived era of resource nationalism, climate change and population increase, national and regional Governments are under pressure to deliver more to their people.  Government relations, local communications strategies, security risk management and regulatory compliance are all interlinked. Get one part wrong and it can have a significant impact on the whole.

Balancing threats and opportunities when investing in extractive industries in new regions requires proactive and ongoing understanding of the risks. These Above Ground Risks may be manifest in multiple and often unconventional forms. New barriers to operations can evolve from unexpected bureaucratic changes as well as from popular movements fomented by the Internet and social media at local level. What’s needed is on-the-ground, proactive and comprehensive insights into the strategic, security, legal, regulatory, political, business, cultural and environmental issues that may impact your operations.

We are uniquely qualified to provide insights at country and regional level to protect investments and maximise profits. Our teams are expertly equipped to advise on how to minimise the critical risks which are – or may in the future be – present in key areas of the world where extractive industries operate.

Crisis Response
Services we provide include:
  • Monitoring of geo-political risk profiles in operational territories via a global team of Above Ground Risk experts and analysts.
  • Engagement and communications with Governments, NGOs, community groups and business stakeholders in operating regions.
  • Comprehensive assessment of environmental and social risks including pollution prevention, community health and working conditions.
  • Operational planning, internal risk mitigation and asset protection strategies.
  • Advice on land acquisition and resettlement of communities, including sensitive issues around cultural heritage of indigenous peoples, conservation of biodiversity and sustainable management of nature.
  • Anticipation and proactive countering of likely arguments against economic development with intelligence and communications.
Above Ground Risk


Resource Nationalism or a Big Adjustment?