Security Services, Special Projects, Capacity Building

Security Services, Special Projects, Capacity Building

We have been delivering  physical security solutions since 2000.

Our Asset Protection business was started in post conflict Kosovo in support of the United Nations mission. Today our footprint has expanded to include several African countries.

Our clients are varied but include embassies, mining companies, banks and infrastructure projects.

We can assist with the design of security solutions during the feasibility study phase of projects and our reporting is often included in bankable studies.

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We are experienced in the delivery of both the review and writing of security and contingency planning for regional and remote projects.

In areas where there are no credible security service providers we can establish operations to support the needs of the project.  We also provide experienced and qualified advisors to bring knowledge and support to larger operations where existing ‘ in house’ capabilities need extra help.


A minerals exploration campaign in a high risk remote location in Chad experienced several acute security incidents.

We conducted a desk top analysis of existing policies and procedures with best practice recommendations that would enable the advanced party to mobilise. In addition, on mobilisation we deployed an experienced consultant to review implementation of the recommendations and conduct a security risk management review.

The risk management review identified further exposures and proposed practical solutions that would able the client to continue operations in an environment where risks were reduced to as low as reasonably practicable. Identification and a thorough review of all risks led to enhanced mitigation and above all created the conditions that enabled our client to continue its campaign.